What to Look for in an official Rolex Watch Winder

Just like choosing a luxury watch, buying a new official Rolex watch winder should be of your personal taste. However, there are several main details to keep an eye on when you are about to buy a brand new watch winder. What are those? Let’s check it out! 

Program settings

The first most significant aspect that you must consider when you are purchasing a watch winder is the program setting. Make sure that watch winder that you choose has a number of options for turns per day or you can call it TPD in the range of ~650 and ~1800 per day. If that watch winder has this then it most likely can handle almost all of the automatic watches out there. Then, you need to choose the one that can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or even bidirectional, so all of your watch’s crucial needs will be able to be filled. 

Build quality 

Next thing that you should look for in a new official Rolex watch winder is its build quality. However, you don’t have to think too much about the Rolex watch winder because it will be high quality, but where is the wrong in being careful, right? Don’t you dare to purchase a watch winder that is made from cheaply built quality because it can cause over-winding, damaging, and even magnetizing your luxury watch. 

Position of the watch in the winder 

Another thing that you have to consider when purchasing a watch winder is the position of your watch in the winder. You must know that the good or ideal position for a watch on a winder is vertical or almost vertical. That’s needed to make sure that the force of the gravity is maximized on each rotation.  

Cushion, pillows, and holder 

Last but not least thing that you should look for in the official Rolex watch winder is the cushion, pillows and also holder. You have to carefully choose those above aspects because there are many cushions and holders of some winders that stretch out the leather strap of the watch. Therefore, you need to choose the watch winder that you chose to have a cushion or pillow that is plush enough to not over exert your watch band. After that, you also need to choose spring-loaded holders because it will be a better choice for you. 

In short, you need to be careful when purchasing a new watch winder. But, if you prefer to choose official Rolex watch winder, then you don’t have to worry about it because it’s no secret that Rolex will always gives you the best quality product.