Types of Luxury Watch Winder Box to See in the Market

A luxury watch winder box, for precious watch collectors, this thing must be familiar enough. Yes, just like the name, it is basically a box or a safe used to save or keep luxury watches. Of course, not only the luxury ones. If you want all your watches to be kept well, no matter whether they are expensive or not, a winder box is necessary to have. Therefore, you can prevent your watches from being scratched or damaged because of any accidental action.

Seen from the material that forms it, a winder box for luxury watches can be divided into some types. Here they are.

Wooden Winder Box

A wooden watch winder box is a type of winder box that is available mostly in the market. Even the wood used is varied also starting from mahogany to teak. The application of wood as the main material indeed brings a sense of elegance but also simple and minimalist. You can also choose one of some colors offered whether it is rustic brown, light brown, or black.

If you prefer a winder with a classic design, some products are even made with high-end engraving. Sure, this choice can just make your watches look more stunning when being kept there.

Metal Winder Box

For a strong winder box with extra protection, the next choice is the metal Winder box. Commonly, it is made from stainless steel or aluminum although some products are also formed from copper. The lack of this winder box type is its weight. Yes, it tends to be heavier and less practical to move and carry around.

Plastic Winder Box

Yes, you are not misread. Some winder box products are indeed made from plastic. Although the prices tend to be cheaper compared with the other two types mentioned before, you can still choose the thicker and more qualified one. This way, the luxury watch winder box is still safe to keep luxury watches.